Hardware Repairs
Digital Dot Systems is an Apple Authorized Full Service Macintosh Repair Center. We offer both warranty and non-warranty repairs and upgrades for all Macintosh Computer Models. Our carry in service customers can take advantage of our front door parking and we can provide carry in and carry out assistance. Most repairs can be completed in 3 days.
For our commercial clients all of our repair services are available on site. Our Apple trained technicians can be scheduled to perform repairs and upgrades at your location. Contact Us.

Technical Support
We are Omaha’s only Commercial Macintosh Systems Specialist. We fully support Macintosh systems in any information technology environment. Our range of technical services can include everything from working with your existing Information Technology staff to providing full IT outsourced support and help desk services. We can provide ground up integration of Macintosh systems into new or existing Microsoft Windows based networks. Contact Us.

Managed Services
As an extension of our Technical Support Services, Digital Dot Systems also offers a range of subscription based Managed Services. These service options include 24/7 monitoring of your network and computer systems to identify and report issues often times before a failure occurs. We can also manage and maintain software licenses, virus protection and patch management, monitor network performance and support users with remote control of their desktop computers and mobile devices. Contact Us.

Data Recovery
When hardware crashes its heart-wrenching to think that all your data is gone. Luckily we have tools and measures that we take to try and recover your data. We have a good success rate for retrieving that data based on the extent of the damage on the drive. If we are unable to recover the data for you because of physical damages within the drive we have a contract with a company called DriveSavers and they can offer you a free quote and a 20% discount on your recovery by using our reference number. Contact Us.

Cloud Integration
“The Cloud” is one of the newest trends and least understood aspects of Information Technology Management. Digital Dot Systems can integrate The Cloud into your existing on site network. The Cloud leverages the availability of Internet based services to reduce or eliminate your need for on site servers and all of the accessories that must surround them. By creating virtual cloud based desktops users get true desktop portability across any computer, iPad or smart phone. By eliminating the need for local servers true cost per user is substantially reduced while increasing functionality. The Cloud represents the next wave in Information Technology advancement. Digital Dot Systems can assist you in determining how Cloud services can benefit your company. Contact Us.

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